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Leica Calonox thermal imaging cameras for contemporary and appropriate hunting

The completely new developed Leica Calonox thermal imaging cameras are offered in two versions: As a pure observation device - Leica Calonox "View" - and as an header device for mounting in conjunction on a riflescope - Leica Calonox "Sight".

Leica Camera has been known for many years as a manufacturer of digital cameras for the highest demands. In contrast to conventional digital cameras, thermal imaging cameras record infrared radiation, which is not visible to the human eye, as a thermal image. The two new Leica Calonox thermal imaging cameras have been optimized for their respective applications and feature outstanding Leica typical image quality with particularly detailed gray tones, outstanding contrast and high detail resolution at all observation distances.

The permanently installed rechargeable battery with more than 6 hours of operating time is particularly well protected against cold and weather influences by its positioning inside the Calonox devices. The unique product design is oriented towards the needs of the hunter and integrates perfectly into the hunter's equipment due to its cylindrical shape and ease of use - whether mounted or hand-held. Operation with only three buttons is intuitive, user-friendly and reduced to the essentials. Both models feature a fast 42 mm lens.

Both models are expected to be available from autumn 2020.

Leica Calonox "Sight"

The Leica Calonox "Sight" header device is optimized for use in conjunction with a conventional riflescope and is therefore equipped with 1x magnification. Due to the fixed construction of the complete system, the Calonox "Sight" is consistently accurate. The horizontal field of view from 15.5 to 100 meters provides a great overview, while the 384x288 pixel sensor in combination with the high-resolution OLED display and Leica's own image processing (Leica Image Optimization - LIO™) ensures a detailed image. High-quality adapters for mounting on a riflescope are available for all common lens sizes.

Leica Calonox "View"

The outstanding detection range of the Leica Calonox "View" is based on a high-end vanadium oxide sensor with 640x512 pixels and 12µm pixel size at excellent temperature resolution. The 2.5x basic optical magnification provides a large field of view and is therefore ideal for observations in the immediate vicinity. Using digital zoom up to 10x magnification in combination with the outstanding LCOS display with 1280x960 pixels and Leica's own image processing (Leica Image Optimization - LIO™), no details remain hidden even at great distances.

The common advantages at a glance

- Outstanding imaging performance - extremely high contrast and detail

- High detection and recognition range

- Leica Image Optimization - LIO™

- Integrated, protected battery, additionally possible with powerbank use

- Two models - optimized for the respective application

- High speed 42mm lens

- Application-oriented design with intuitive 3-button operation

- Compact dimensions