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Leica Camera at Paris Photo 2018

Leica will be presenting both of this year’s winning portfolios from the long-established and internationally acclaimed Leica Oskar Barnack Award at the leading photography fair in the Grand Palais.

At this year’s Paris Photo (8 – 11 November 2018) – the prestigious fine art photography fair, Leica Camera AG will be presenting the two winning portfolios from the Leica Oskar Barnack Awards (LOBA) 2018. The winner in the main category is Belgian photographer Max Pinckers, with his portfolio titled ‘Red Ink’. The Newcomer Award for up-and-coming photographers up to the age of 25 was won by Mary Gelman from Russia with her series titled ‘Svetlana’.

The pictures of Max Pinckers’ ‘Red Ink’ series were taken under strict supervision. In August 2017, at the height of the propaganda conflict with the USA, he accompanied journalist Evan Osnos on a four-day assignment to North Korea for the weekly magazine ‘The New Yorker’. In his series, he literally plays games with the perceptive powers of the observer. From the outset, Pinckers never imagined that his photos would be able to throw a light on what goes on behind the facades constructed by the regime. Instead, he used his flash as if at an advertising or propaganda shoot to emphasise the obvious staging of the situations he encountered.

In the course of her extremely personal project, ‘Svetlana’, the winner of the newcomer award, Mary Gelman, regularly visited the village of Svetlana, a community around 150 kilometres to the east of St. Petersburg that is a part of the anthroposophical Camphill Movement, over a period of almost two years. The village is a therapeutic refuge in which people with special needs or disabilities live and work autonomously in a setting untouched by prejudices and discrimination. Her sensitive photographs reveal her extremely precise powers of observation and, in reality, her pictures break down the borders between categories such as normality, disabilities and being different. They make it especially clear just how free and capable individuals can be when they can live without fear of stigmatisation and discrimination.

In the course of the Paris Photo fair, the Leica stand will also be the venue for a number of book signing sessions:

  • Saturday, 10 November, 3 p.m.: LOBA winner Max Pinckers will be signing his book RED INK
  • Saturday, 10 November, 5 p.m.: LOBA Newcomer Award winner Mary Gelman will be signing her book SVETLANA
  • Sunday, 11 November, 3 p.m.: Yan Morvan will be signing the books BOBBY SAND/Editions André Frères and LIBAN/Editions Photosynthèses
  • Sunday, 11 November, 3 p.m.: Gilles Ouaki will be signing the book RADJASTHAN FOR NOTHING – limited edition
  • Sunday, 11 November, 4 p.m.: Mathieu Cesar will be signing the book BSARTEK ABU DHABI