The new issue of LFI is out now!

The new issue of LFI is out now! New York based street photographer Joseph Michael Lopez takes us on a trip through the American metropolis, World Press Award winner Peter Bauza presents a colourful reportage on Bolivia’s capital of La Paz, and Antonio Paredes breaks new ground in the fashion series ‘Hanami’. Also featured is an overview of the winners and finalists of the 37th Leica Oskar Barnack Awards. In addition: Pulitzer Prize winner Daniel Etter documents SOS Children’s Villages in Syria, and Swiss photographer René Groebli celebrates his 90th birthday.

In the technical section, we discuss how the new Leica TL2 has fared in our hands-on field test. Also featured: an exploration of the development of electronic shutter systems, and the future of mechanical shutters. 

You’ll find LFI issue 6/2017 here.