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The acclaimed exhibition ‘Eyes wide open! 100 years of Leica photography’ is making a guest appearance in Rome.

The successful touring exhibition, here under the title ‘I Grandi Maestri. 100 Anni di fotografia Leica’, will be open to visitors from 16 November 2017 to 18 February 2018 in the Complesso del Vittoriano - Ala Brasini in Rome.

Following on from eight successful stops on the tour so far, the iconic venue of numerous, internationally acclaimed exhibitions, the Complesso del Vittoriano - Ala Brasini in Rome, is now playing host to the famous touring exhibition ‘Eyes wide open! 100 years of Leica photography’ under the title ‘I Grandi Maestri. 100 Anni di fotografia Leica’.

The exhibition focuses on the revolutionary changes prompted by a technical innovation, the compact and easily portable ‘Ur-Leica’. The 35 mm camera not only brought about change and progress in the field of photography, but also triggered a significant shift in our perception of society and the world around us. In fact, most of the images that engraved themselves into our collective consciousness from the 1920s onwards were captured with the Leica (‘Leitz Camera’), thus providing impressive documentation of contemporary events. From that point in time onwards, Leica has shaped and changed the way photographers see the world – and continues to do so today.
In Italy’s capital city, the unique touring exhibition will be showing around 400 exhibits, including impressive photographs by famous Leica photographers such as, for example, René Burri, Thomas Hoepker, Bruce Gilden, Christer Strömholm, Bruce Davidson, F.C. Gundlach, Fred Herzog, William Eggleston and many other prominent photographers
from 100 years of 35 mm photography.

As an homage to Gianni Berengo Gardin and Italian art photography captured with the Leica, the exhibition will also be featuring famous works by the acclaimed Italian photographer, who will be honoured with the Leica Hall of Fame Award for his exceptional engagement and impressive lifework in the course of the official opening ceremony of the exhibition in Rome. The impressive exhibits will be complemented by documentary material in the form of books, magazines, camera models and films.


Ala Brasini
Via di San Pietro in Carcere,
00186, Roma

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 9.30-17.30

Friday and Saturday: 9.30-22.00

Sunday: 9.30-20.30