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PHOTOGRAPHICA auctions in Frankfurt

The coming PHOTOGRAPHICA auctions No. 34 and 35, being held in the new Leica Store Frankfurt on 26 and 27 November, will be offering collectors not only a diverse collection of rare and high-quality photographs by great photographers, but also an extensive range of unique, unusual and historic photographica with items from all prominent manufacturers from Agfa to Zeiss. The vast experience gathered by Foto Rahn, the family concern founded in 1910, attests to the high degree of competence and expertise of the team led by our auctioneer Mr Kueckbusch in the handling of photographica of all kinds. 

We are always pleased to receive items you may send to us, whether they be single pieces or entire collections, and will be glad to advise you, value them and, if you wish, provide assistance in the rapid and reliable handling of their sale by auction. If required, we can also arrange a confidential meeting to discuss your specific needs.  

Click here for more information about the auctions.