The photographic exhibition "36 aus 100"

This year, Leica is celebrating 100 years of Leica photography. On the occasion of this special anniversary, the company is presenting a unique photo installation with the title 36 aus 100 (‘36 from 100’) at its new headquarters at Leitz Park in Wetzlar. The exhibition will be officially opened during the festivities at the inauguration of the new Leica company headquarters on 23 May 2014.

The photographic project 36 aus 100 shows a total of 36 iconic examples of Leica photography from the past 100 years. The subjects selected wrote photographic history and contributed to the legendary reputation of the Leica brand. All photos in the exhibition were captured with Leica cameras and illustrate the specific aesthetics of 35 mm photography. The exhibition shows photographs by prominent photographers that played a special role in the work of the respective artists. Convincing in a formally aesthetic sense, clearly structured or complex in composition, surprising and astonishing – in short, pictures that highlight and emphasise the significant role of Leica in the development of our visual consciousness. The curator of the exhibition is Hans-Michael Koetzle. As a freelance writer, publicist and former editor-in-chief of Leica World, he possesses enormous expertise in the field of artistic photography. He was assisted in the coordination of the project by Tina Wiesner, who is responsible for cultural projects at Leica Camera AG.

Many famous photographers in the past decades embraced the compact and conveniently mobile Leica camera as their tool of preference and used it in the creation of valuable eyewitness records of contemporary history.

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The exhibition 36 aus 100 will be a permanent installation for an initial period of one year and will be constantly expanded with new iconic photographs. The photographic project will be enhanced by the installation of touchscreen terminals that provide visitors with detailed information about the individual exhibits and their photographers.