The Leica Hunting Blog

Leica Camera AG launches the Leica Hunting Blog, which can be viewed at This is Leica's first blog platform devoted to hunting. Readers will be treated to compelling stories, beautiful imagery, and helpful tips from the Leica Hunting Pros - the accomplished team of hunters and hunting storytellers from across North America and Europe.
 The Leica Hunting Blog is the latest in a long line of media made available by the German optics maker, including the Leica Camera Blog, Leica Birding Blog, and for 60 years, Leica Fotografie International Magazine. Leica has been inspiring the hunting community through Facebook and Instagram for three years and one year, respectively, but the blog will allow for a more immersive, long-form
 storytelling experience.
 "With the Leica Hunting Blog, we as hunters want to create a space where hunters can share traditions, find commonalities, and build unity across the globe," said Cyril Thomas, Leica Marketing Director. "The bridge that will connect Leica, the Pros and our readers is our passion for nature."
 The Leica Hunting Pros will share their experiences of hunting many species, from chamois, roe deer and wild boar to whitetail, elk and Dall sheep. The traditions and means of hunting will vary as much as the terrain, but ultimately the Leica Hunting Blog will be a celebration of the natural world, the camaraderie between hunters, and their passion for the discipline.
 Leica's roots are set deeply in the pursuit of game. More than 100 years ago, the company began production of its first binocular, then invented the first rangefinder and spotting scope with an angled eyepiece. Today, Leica continues to innovate with the Geovid HD-B, a rangefinding binocular with Advanced Ballistics Compensation that makes determining your aim point faster and more precise.
 Leica hopes you enjoy the Blog for many years to come.