Leica S (Typ 007)

37.5 Megapixel

New improved features

Keep your Leica S (Typ 007) at the cutting edge of the latest technical developments: This firmware update improves the performance of your Leica S (Typ 007), bringing you numerous new features and enhanced camera handling.

Optimised Functions and Features in Detail

Firmware Update
New Feature Improved Video Operation Start/Stop Video recording via Leica Cable Release S (order no. 16029) when Video Live View is active
New Feature Additional Photo Mask (3:1) for better composing. Supported by Adobe Lightroom®
New Feature Maximum Exposure Time extended to 2min.
New Feature Center Marking for Live View Autofocus field
New Feature Customize Controls for Front Wheel Direction
Bug fix GPS Tag was sometimes corrupt within a picture sequence
Bug fix Under some circumstances the mirror got stuck after a series of 200 to 400 exposures
Bug fix Under some circumstances the camera produced color patterns with the Leica Vario-Elmar-S 30–90 f/3.5–5.6 ASPH.


You can quickly and easily download Firmware Update for the Leica S (Typ 007). The instructions provided with the firmware update will guide you safely through the installation process.

Firmware Leica S (Typ 007) -

Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian
Date: 09/2018 Format: FW (39.50 MB)

Firmware Leica S (Typ 007) - - Instruction

Date: 09/2018 Format: PDF (791.02 kB)

Firmware Chronology

Firmware Update
New Feature Improved auto focus performance especially in poor lighting environments
New Feature Improved white balance setting Color Temperature (better skin tone reproduction when working with flash equipment)
Bug fix Long press on the rear click wheel in Auto Review had no function.
Now a long press on the rear click wheel in Auto Review leads to 100% zoom (short cut)
Bug fix Sometimes a wrong exposure occurs after changing the lens.
Bug fix Wrong focus position after lens initialization (e.g. after stand-by) is fixed.
Bug fix Selftimer mode was not combined with Mirror Up.
Bug fix WLAN setting, AutoISO and exposure compensation is now saved correctly in the User Profiles
Bug fix Leica Cable Release S (Order No. 16029) is fully supported now
Bug fix If GPS is off, no GPS data is stored in the image files now

New Feature New certification information for Singapore and Australia
(Camera Menu: SETUP/Camera Information/Regulatory Information)
Firmware Update
Update Regulatory Information: South Africa certification
Update Lens Update starts automatically when mounting a lens with older lens firmware
Update New Auto-ISO Icon for Info-screen and top display
New Feature Customize LiveView button
New Feature AE-Lock on 1st step shutter release button (customize controls)
New Feature REC icon on top display while recording

Update “s” for seconds for exposure times longer as of 0.7sec on top display
Update New GPS and WiFi icon for Info-screen
Bug fix switching user profiles created new folders; this issue is solved
Bug fix release the shutter while in Live View in combination with Leica S-Adapter C (Contax 645 Adapter) is now working
Bug fix release the shutter while in Live View in combination with Leica S-Adapter H (Hasselblad Adapter) is now working
Bug fix distance information on top display is now dynamic
Bug fix distance information on top display positions (front and back) switched
Bug fix SF58 connection is now improved
Bug fix SF40 and SF64 AF assist light automatically switch off after focusing
Bug fix delay between 1st and 2nd frame while shooting in Drive Mode Continuous and using automatic white balance (AWB) is fixed
Bug fix S-Adapter H is now supporting shorter exposure times than 1/125s (t <1/125s)
Firmware Update
New Feature Optimized UI completely newly designed INFO screen on camera’s rear display
New Feature Rating Function available in PLAY mode
(rating supported by Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC and Bridge CC)
Note: Rating function is only available for pictures which are taken as of firmware version
Pictures which were taken with older firmware versions can not be rated.
New Feature Zoom Position Lock in PLAY mode the last zoom position is now saved
automatically. When you reenter PLAY mode and call up 100% zoom (by a long press of the rear click dial) the last zoom position will be used which allows a very quick and easy focus check of the relevant part of the image
New Feature Better Control/Easy Operation
depth of field information on camera’s top display now available in meters (m) and feet (ft); and now can be deactivated
New Feature viewfinder information display now shows real-time buffer information when pressing the shutter release button to its first stage
New Feature “PC” icon is shown on the camera’s top display when it is connected to the computer via USB3.0 super speed cable
New Feature “Remaining Recording Time” is shown on camera’s top display when camera is in Video LiveView and Video Recording mode
New Feature Mirror Up Icon is displayed on the camera’s rear display while mirror up is in use
Bug fix under some circumstances a pixel phenomenon could appear when using exposure times between 2s and 8s
Bug fix under some circumstances the camera system time was incorrect when using Auto GPS time
Bug fix communication between camera and lens is improved when using the Leica S-Adapter H (lens adapter for Hasselblad H lenses)
Firmware Update
Big Fix an operational malfunction which occurred with previous FW When the camera is switched to Live View Photo and then off again, it automatically restarts that mode after every following exposure. The only solution is to switch off the camera, remove the battery and then start again. The same happens with Live View Video and Video Record.