Powerful. Even in the lowest light.

Leica lenses are among the best in the world. They have been developed with the aim of fulfilling the most stringent quality demands for digital and film photography.

Their performance is unrivaled when it comes to contrast, resolution, and tonal depth. Photographs taken with them possess a natural signature, especially when captured under challenging lighting conditions.

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What’s more, anyone who has ever held one of these lenses in their hands and experienced the silky-smooth focusing action without any trace of play would never think of buying anything but a Leica lens. Leica M-Lenses and M-Cameras make a great team. The sensors of the digital M-Cameras are especially optimized for use with M-Lenses. By means of 6-bit coding, modern M-Cameras recognize the lens attached and use its parameters for further image processing. Photographers can therefore rest assured that only the very best is made of each subject they capture.

Created by experience.

In the past 100 years, Leica’s engineers have gained superior expertise and experience in the development of high-performance lenses. In combination with state-of-the-art technology, they have created a new generation of lenses designed to give true and outstanding quality to every picture.


Summilux-M 90 f/1.5 ASPH.

A new benchmark in portrait photography

Some lenses offer possibilities that go far beyond the ordinary and give rise to truly exceptional results.
The Summilux-M 90 f/1.5 ASPH. renders portraits with a breathtakingly shallow depth of field – allowing for the subject to stand out in perfect focus with amazing clarity while the background appears lusciously blurred.

Summilux-M 90 f/1.5 ASPH.



The best lenses in available-light photography

All lenses are characterized by their compact design and impressive lens speed, yet they are also made to provide the most striking and uncompromising image quality - even at an aperture of f/1.4. In available-light photography they give a unique image look, with narrow depth of field, to the pictures.

Fast & compact lenses

Take powerful photographs anytime, anywhere.

The Leica M-System is known to be the most compact full-frame camera system. Thus we designed fast and compact lenses that not only use the finest lens elements, but also emphasize the M-System’s strengths. They are made to be used as standard lenses or to complete the compact travel equipment. Unique image quality is ensured even at open aperture and at the highest level.


Capture life with every detail

The Leica zoom lenses offer several focal lengths in one extremely compact package for all M cameras. Thanks to the Live View function, it is possible to use them as a continuous zoom lens with the new Leica M.

Classic Range

Gems from the Leica heritage

Classic lenses for the M-System

The Classics Range is dedicated to re-issuing historical Leica lenses whose specific imaging characteristics cannot be recreated either by modern lenses, nor in digital post-processing. While the exterior design is carefully adapted to complement the M-System's contemporary lenses, the optical calculations of the original lens design remain unchanged.

The Art of the Leica M-Lens

Peter Karbe

The M-System stands for exceptional photography - with M-Lenses playing an essential part in it. Each M-Lens has its very own character, just like the numerous people who work on it.

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