Holster aus hochwertigem Leder. Content_Bild_M10_Holster-2-Lifestyle_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Holster-3-Lifestyle_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Holster-4-Lifestyle_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Holster-5-Lifestyle_Detailseite_960x640

Leather Holster

Optimum protection. Fast and convenient access

The holster in high-quality leather provides optimum protection and complete flexibility. Thanks to its patented multi-angle connector and a rip-resistant adjustable belt, it always nestles flat against your body. The leather holster is large enough for a Leica M10 with a handgrip attached.

Name Order number
Leica Holster M10, leather, black 24016

Soft Case

The right protection for your camera

The black leather case offers ideal protection for Leica M-Cameras with or without a handgrip. It features a wrist strap and practical Velcro fasteners. The version with a short front section is suitable for M-Cameras with lenses up to a diameter of 65 mm and a maximum length of 60 mm. With a long front section, it offers protection for M-Cameras with lenses up to a diameter of 65 mm and a maximum length of 80 mm.

Name Order number
Soft Case, long front, leather, black 14894
Soft Case, short front, leather, black 14893
Content_Bild_M10_Protektor-1-rot_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Protektor-2-schwarz_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Protektor-3-vintage-braun_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Protektor-4-vintage-braun_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Protektor-5-schwarz_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Protektor-6-lifestyle-vintage-braun_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Protektor-7-lifestyle-vintage-braun_Detailseite_960x640


The extremely versatile protector

The protector in supple leather in black, red, or brown provides perfect protection for the Leica M10. An ergonomically moulded grip on the front makes camera handling easier.  Removable monitor screen protection on the back enables flexible adaptation to every photographer’s needs. The protector can be attached to the camera by a specially designed knurled screw without any need for tools. All camera controls and functions are easily accessible and optional accessories such as carrying straps, wrist straps and the thumb rest can all be used in combination with the protector.

Name Order number
Leica Protector M10, leather, red 24022
Leica Protector M10, leather, vintage brown 24021
Leica Protector M10, leather, black 24020
Content_Bild_M10_Tragriemen-und-Handschlaufen-1_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Tragriemen-und-Handschlaufen-2-rot_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Tragriemen-und-Handschlaufen-3-vintage-braun_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Tragriemen-und-Handschlaufen-4-schwarz_Detailseite_960x640 CARRYING STRAPS AND WRIST STRAPS WITH PROTECTIVE TABS Content_Bild_M10_Tragriemen-und-Handschlaufen-5-vintage-braun_Detailseite_960x640

Carrying Straps and Wrist Straps

The beauty is in the details

Both elegant and practical, the carrying straps and wrist straps embossed with the Leica logo are ideal for use with all M-Cameras. The protective tab prevents scratching of the camera body.

Name Order number
Wrist strap, with protective tab, leather, vintage brown 18839
Wrist strap, with protective tab, leather, cognac 18783
Wrist strap, with protective tab, leather, black 18782
Carrying strap, with protective tab, leather, cognac 18777
Carrying strap, with protective tab, leather, vintage brown 18764
Carrying strap, with protective tab, leather, red 18577
Carrying strap, with protective tab, full-grain cowhide, black 18776
Carrying straps, with protective tab, leather, black 18575
Carrying strap, Comfort, leather, black 14455
Content_Bild_M10_Daumenstuetze-1-top-grey_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Daumenstuetze-2-right-grey_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Daumenstuetze-3-right-black_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Daumenstuetze-4-front-black_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Daumenstuetze-5-lifestyle-grey_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Daumenstuetze-6-lifestyle-black_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Daumenstuetze-7-lifestyle-grey_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Daumenstuetze-8-lifestyle-grey_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Daumenstuetze-9-lifestyle-grey_Detailseite_960x640

Thumb Support

Reduce the risk of camera shake

Sliding the thumb support into the hot shoe enhances the ergonomics of the Leica M10. With the thumb pressed up against the thumb support, the camera can be held much more steadily and is easier to handle. It makes single-handed shooting much steadier and enables the use of longer shutter speeds without the risk of camera shake. The thumb support is CNC-machined from brass and is finished in the same classic surface coating as the Leica M10 to ensure a perfect match when attached.

Name Order number
Thumb Rest, silver chrome 24015
Thumb Rest, black chrome 24014
Content_Bild_M10_Handgriff-1-black_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Handgriff-2-silber_Detailseite_960x640


The right protection for your camera

The handgrip ensures that the Leica M10 can be held safely and steadily when shooting – particularly when shooting single-handed or with one of the heavier Leica M-Lenses. The optionally available finger loops in the sizes S, M and L can further improve grip on the camera. Thanks to an integrated tripod bush, the handgrip doesn’t have to be removed when shooting from a tripod. A large diameter knurled screw enables quick and easy attachment.

Name Order number
Handgrip, black chrome 24018
Handgrip, silver chrome 24019
Content_Bild_M10_Visoflex-1-front_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Visoflex-2-back_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Visoflex-3-right_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Visoflex-4-lifestyle_Detailseite_960x640


More creative opportunities

Thanks to its swivel action, the 2.4 MP, high-resolution Visoflex electronic finder enables photography from unusual angles – and simultaneously expands the photographer’s creative horizons. A sensor system in the viewfinder registers when it is held up to the eye. This automatically switches off the monitor display and switches it back on again as soon as the camera is moved away from the eye. It also features an integrated GPS module that can be switched on for geotagging image files.

Name Order number
Visoflex (Typ 020) 18767
Content_Bild_M10_Ladegeraet-akku-1_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Ladegeraet-akku-2_Detailseite_960x640

Battery and Charger

Rapid recharging

The quick recharge function enables camera battery to be recharged in a very short time. The charger is supplied complete with EU and US mains power cables and a 12-volt car charging cable. UK and AUS mains power cables are available as optional extras.

Name Order number
Replacement battery M10 24003
Battery charger M10 24002
Digiscopie Content_Bild_M10_Digiscopie-2_Detailseite_960x640 Content_Bild_M10_Digiscopie-3_Detailseite_960x640

Leica Digiscoping Objective Lens


The Leica Digiscoping Objective Lens (35 mm) is perfectly matched to the Leica APO-Televid spotting scopes. It can be mounted on the Leica M10 just like a normal lens with a T2 adapter. Exceptional optical performance, superior sharpness and contrast and highest-quality construction from robust, lightweight materials are the characteristic features of the Leica Digiscoping Objective Lens. It transforms your APO-Televid spotting scope into a high-power camera lens instantly with a focal length from 855 to 3078 mm.

Name Order number
Digiscoping Objective Lens 42308

Correction Lenses

Shoot without glasses

Leica M Correction Lenses enable optimum adaptation of the viewfinder to the user’s eyesight and thus allow more precise and comfortable focusing with the camera. They are available in the strengths +/– 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 dioptres. Please note that the default value of the viewfinder of the Leica M is –0.5 dioptres to guarantee a comfortable view through the viewfinder at medium distances.

Suitable for Leica M10

Name Order number
Correction lens M + 3.0 dpt. 24004
Correction lens M + 2.0 dpt. 24005
Correction lens M + 1.5 dpt. 24006
Correction lens M + 1.0 dpt. 24007
Correction lens M +0.5 dpt. 24008
Correction lens M - 0.5 dpt. 24009
Correction lens M - 1.0 dpt. 24010
Correction lens M - 1.5 dpt. 24011
Correction lens M - 2.0 dpt. 24012
Correction lens M - 3.0 dpt. 24013

Thread Adapter

Practical and versatile

The thread adapter is supplied with a special tool for mounting it on the camera. Once mounted, any Leica correction lens can be used on the M10.
Particularly practical: the thread adapter can also be used for mounting the Leica anglefinder M and viewfinder magnifiers on the M10.

Name Order number
Thread Adapter 24001