"ONA for Leica" system bags

Handcrafted camera bags in timeless design

ONA is a purveyor of fine bags and accessories designed for and inspired by photographers and creative professionals. Founded in 2010 and based in New York City, the company takes great pride in crafting timeless designs that protect your essentials while complementing your style. Each ONA product is handcrafted and designed to deliver uncompromising style, protection and utility using premium materials, including full-grain leather, waxed cotton canvas, and solid brass hardware.  In Swahili, the word ona (pronounced ō'na) means, “to feel,” “to believe,” and “to experience with the eyes.”

This is the essence of photography and style. 

The collection includes ONA’s popular messenger bag styles—as well as one of ONA’s photography backpacks— detailed with Leica’s signature red, and is a reflection of both ONA and Leica’s commitment to excellence in product design and craftsmanship.

ONA Lifestyle1 The Bowery 1512x1008
ONA Brixton 18 + LEICA M | 1512x1008
ONA Lifestyle17 The Berlin II 1512x1008
ONA Brixton 19 + LEICA M | 1512x1008
ONA Lifestyle20 The Berlin II 1512x1008
ONA Camps Bay 4 | 1512x1008
ONA Lifestyle9 The Berlin II 1512x1008
ONA Camps Bay 7 | 1512x1008
ONA Camps Bay 20 + Leica SL | 1512x1008
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