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Shopping tote bag

This elegant and practical tote was designed in collaboration with the designer atelier SAGAN Vienna. The emerging Viennese brand is renowned for its Bauhaus inspired designs and carefully crafted pieces. 

The baby blue Leica shopping tote is handmade in Spain from Italian soft calf leather. The bag comes with a longer handle that fits comfortably over your shoulder and a smaller hand braided leather handle, that also doubles up as a fastener. 

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Handbag lightblue | Ambient | 1512x1008
Handbag lightblue | 1512x1008 | BG=f4f4f4
Handbag lightblue | Close up | 1512x1008
Handbag lightblue | Ambient 2 | 1512x1008

Inside the bag is a zip pocket for small essentials whilst the outside pocket has been perfectly designed to give you easy access to your Leica D-Lux or Q2, so you need never miss the shot.

With its minimalistic design, versatile shade and practical features the shopping tote bag will become your everyday bag with your everyday camera. 

Limited to 250 pieces worldwide.

Protector and carrying strap for Leica Q2

Protektor pink | Ambient 2 | 1512x1008
Protector pink front | 1512x1008 | BG=ffffff
Protektor lightblue | Ambient | 1512x1008
Protektor pink | Ambient | 1512x1008
Protector lightblue front | 1512x1008 | BG=ffffff
 Protektor pink | Ambient 3 | 1512x1008

The stylish 70’s pink and baby blue limited-edition protector for the Leica Q2 is made of the finest quality cow hide leather with an elegant diamond patterned embossing. This embossing mirrors the Q2 leather and gives the protector both a contemporary look and a comfortable grip. The protector comes with a matching shoulder strap that is embossed with the Leica logo. It gives you easy access to all controls of the Q2 meaning you are always ready to capture the decisive moment.  Your precious Q2 is protected whilst you stay on style. 

Name Order number
Shopping tote bag, baby blue 19548
Protector for Leica Q2, pink 19569
Carrying strap for Leica Q2, pink 19573
Protector for Leica Q2, light blue 19578
Carrying strap for Leica Q2, light blue 19579
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