Paweł Jaszczuk ¥€$U$ Paweł Jaszczuk, ¥€$U$

One of the main goals for Paweł Jaszczuk, is to point out the surreal aspect of a capitalism and religion marriage and document contemporary bigotry. The photographs he takes represent wide variety of objects: from average things like a towel with an image of Madonna or small pendant in the shape of a cross with little knife hidden inside to more awkward ones like a bathing duck with a head of a Jesus or a light bowl with a filament inside shaped like a cross. „¥€$U$” series provokes universal questions on relationships between religion, feelings and objects within Catholic-oriented culture. What is the function of representation of Saints and God? What are the borders of bigotry? Does bigotry and holiness dodge each other?


Paweł Jaszczuk observes how religion’s symbols and signs are transforming into ambiguous gadgets in the era of mass production. While relics are one of their kind and unique, storage with care and celebrated along the rituals, the objects photographed by Jaszczuk are more like “anty-relics”. Usually shoddy, designed for everyday purposes, made in thousands of copies. They might be easily replaced ones they are broken or used up. On the other hand, these kitsch things are much more close to the human. The artist embraces their materiality and relationship to the owner. Object transfers from the sacrum sphere to profanum.


Paweł Jaszczuk was born in Warsaw, Poland. He is a graduate of the faculty of graphic design at School of Visual Arts in Sydney, Australia. For many years he was living in Japan. In that time he made two photographic series "Salaryman” and "Kinky City”. Both were exhibited in Berlin, Beijing, Copenhagen, Tokio and Warsaw and Vienna. He is also responsible for publishing several books, „Everything I Do Is A Baloon” from 2016 being the newest. 


27/10/2017 - 03/12/2017

Leica Gallery Warsaw

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