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Leica Gallery Los Angeles is proud to present a dual exhibition showcasing the works of celebrated photographers, "The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma" by Maggie Steber and "After Hours" by Jesse Diamond. Both exhibition highlights the subconscious mind through two unique photographic perspectives. On view until October 21, 2019.

"Over a lifetime we accumulate experiences that end up being like wallpaper in a house where our subconscious resides. The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma holds the photographs on that wallpaper, made in the shadows of a dark side of me that I have, as of late, begun to re-explore. Without meaning to make them so, these photographs reveal my fears and most private memories: my fear of knives, the dark figure that chased and often stabbed me in my dreams from early childhood to middle-age, my spiritual beliefs, my longings and love and all the other things that are wrapped up, not always so neatly, in someone’s life. In the Secret Garden there is danger but also beauty in a wild jungle that has been growing unfettered. The photographs address every experience I have had in an exterior world but are now being re-interpreted in my interior landscape.I credit Lily, my alter ego, with taking the pictures. What might miss, Lily sees." - Maggie Steber (The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma)

''It is a true privilege to have someone reveal themselves to me, a complete stranger with a camera in his hands. That level of connection in photography creates the drive to look far beyond myself. However, knowing something of where you're coming from has to come first. In making a photograph, I value my initial response above everything else. How and to what we respond is what really defines us as individuals. There are those rare occasions when viewing an image that I can see beyond the subject matter to an open door in my subconscious. How far inside I choose to look is a choice based on how much truth, be it good or bad, I'm willing to handle. The selections of photographs in 'After Hours' are a document of a time period when I chose to walk in and close the door behind me.'' - Jesse Diamond (After Hours)

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Dual Exhibition: Maggie Steber & Jesse Diamond

12/09/2019 - 21/10/2019

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